January 26, 2024
5 most common kitchen mistakes and how to avoid them
counter tops with white cabinets
Planning a new kitchen or updating the current one? It’s an exciting project, but watch out for common mistakes. 

This blog will guide you through five typical kitchen design blunders and show you how to dodge them. 

Let’s make your kitchen both practical and good-looking!


1 – Storage Shortage 

Lots of kitchens suffer from not having enough storage. A messy kitchen isn’t just untidy; it’s a hassle to work in. To fix this, make sure your design includes plenty of cabinets with smart layouts, pull-out shelves, and well-placed drawers. Good storage means a neat kitchen where everything has its spot.


2 – Dim Lighting

Lighting matters in a kitchen, but people often forget about it. Poor lighting can make your kitchen feel dark and make tasks difficult. Avoid this by using different types of lighting, ambient, task, and accent. This not only helps you see better but also makes your kitchen warm and inviting.


3 – Poor Workflow Design

A badly planned layout can mess up how you work in the kitchen, making cooking and cleaning a pain. Plan your kitchen with the classic work triangle in mind – the relationship between the stove, sink, and refrigerator. A well-thought-out layout makes daily tasks easier.


4 – Ventilation Problems

Many people don’t realize how crucial good ventilation is. A poorly ventilated kitchen can have unpleasant smells and moisture issues. Invest in a good range hood to get rid of cooking odors and keep your kitchen fresh. Good ventilation also means healthier air.


5 – Low-Quality Materials

Quality matters when it comes to the kitchen’s durability and aesthetic. From countertops to cabinets and flooring, investing in top-notch materials is key. Choosing low-quality options may seem budget-friendly initially, but they often lead to frequent repairs. With Kitwood Cabinets, you can trust in durable and easy-to-maintain materials, ensuring a lasting and stylish kitchen for years to come.


Avoid these mistakes, and your kitchen will be functional and look great for years.   

For more tips and expert advice on creating your dream kitchen, check out Kitwood’s website. Our team is ready to help you turn your kitchen dreams into reality. 

Don’t let these mistakes get in the way & explore Kitwood for kitchen design ideas.